An Easter picnic

Here’s a way to tell the Easter story using food – give each child the following things on a little plate and, as you tell the story, get them to eat the various things at the right time.

Food: Glass of water, Salted crisps, chocolate coins, lettuce leaves/sugar flowers, small chocolate egg, cinnamon lozenge, ‘Happy Face’ biscuit

Jesus’ friends were sad – they had cried many tears because their friend was dead (Drink water / share some salted crisps)

They thought their friend Jesus was a very special King and now that He was dead, they didn’t know what to think.

Jesus died on a cross on a Friday. A rich man (chocolate coin) called Joseph buried Jesus in a cave in his garden (lettuce leaf / sugar flower). A large stone was rolled in front of the opening of the cave so that no-one could go inside (show (but don’t eat) the egg).

On Sunday morning, some of Jesus’ friends went to visit the tomb where He was buried. In those days, when someone died, people poured spices over the body (remember how the lady a few weeks ago poured perfume over Jesus to get Him ready for His death). Jesus’ friends, including a lady called Mary wanted to pour spices over Jesus (cinnamon lozenge).

Mary and her friends wondered how they would be able to roll away the large stone – it was too heavy for them to move! But they found when they got there, that the stone had been rolled away! (eat the egg)

The ladies looked inside the saw that Jesus wasn’t there! The only thing left behind was the cloths that had been wrapped around His body!

Mary was so sad (salted crisps again) – she wondered why someone had taken Jesus’ body away. She ran through the garden and bumped into someone… She looked up and saw that the person she has bumped into was JESUS! He was alive again! Mary was so happy! (Happy Face biscuit)

Jesus told her to tell everyone that He was alive again – Jesus is still alive today! He died and rose again to take away our sins so that we might one day be able to go to Heaven when we die to be with Him.

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