Words are brilliant, and there are so many interesting words out there. Here are five words, and I want you to tell me what they mean…


A magic spell?
Someone who reads too much?
A blocked loo?


An outside toilet?
A little punch on the nose?
A young goat?

A little drawing?
Something that’s easy?
A dog having a paddle?


The name of the dot over an i?
A fox that is kept as a pet?
A big toe?


Eggsellent Egg-giving time?
A time when Bouncing Bunnies give away sweet treats?
A special time when Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus?

That’s a bit of an easy question, but if we’re honest, we do tend to think more of chocolate eggs than Jesus at Easter – and the eggs are delicious, so it’s easy to get caught up in the eggcitement of them (huh?!) but I wanted to come along and show you how you can use eggs to help you remember the real meaning of Easter.


The first letter in EGGS reminds us that Jesus, God’s Son, was Executed on the first Easter. He was crucified, which was a horrible way to die. The Bible tells us that he did that to take the blame for the wrong things people like you and I do.

The second letter – G – can stand for Good Friday, the day on which this happened.

Letter number three is also a G and reminds us of what happened to Jesus after He was executed. A rich man called Joseph came and took His body and laid it in a Garden Tomb.

And then, finally, S stand for Sunday, because on the Sunday after the Friday – the third day – some ladies came to visit the Garden Tomb. In those days when someone died, people poured perfume over the body. But when they went to pour perfume over Jesus they found that He wasn’t there! His body had vanished! They got into a flap (as you would expect) but to their surprise, they met Jesus Himself, no longer dead but alive again! Because Jesus is God’s Son and because He died to take the blame for things He did not do, God raised Him to life and, what’s more, the Bible tells us that He is alive forevermore!

So, eat your eggs and enjoy them, but use the letters to remind you of the true meaning of Easter – about God’s Son who was executed on Good Friday and laid in a Garden Tomb and was raised to life on Easter Sunday – and it was all for us!

Happy Easter!

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