Bob Hartman’s “Tapestry”

This is an excellent book to use when children are dealing with grief (particularly the death of a grandparent) – and helps them see that Jesus cares even about this. Well worth picking up to pass on to those struggling in this area.



Heroes of the faith

In Church we often teach our children about famous missionaries or Christian figures from the (relatively) recent-past. Here are two sets of books that we often use:

Irene Howat (including her “Ten girls/boys who…” books, particularly suitable for older children)
Little Lights (these books are more suitable for younger children)

Bob Hartman’s ‘Telling the Gospel’

Bob Hartman is an excellent storyteller and Gospel communicator. This morning, I came across a reading in one of his books (Telling the Gospel) in which he sets the Christmas and Easter narratives alongside one another, comparing how Jesus opens His eyes in birth with how He closes His eyes in death etc. It’s a brilliant idea and I’m hoping to use it in a couple of weeks in Church. Here’s a link for the book and a couple of sample chapters: