God’s love is bigger than a burger… By Doug Horley

Brilliant, simple, catchy – and fab to use with Makaton. 


Suggested songs

Here’s a list of tried and tested Children’s songs (and my personal favourites) – all are available on iTunes and various other online stores.


• “I’m Gonna Jump up and Down” – Lovely Jubbly (Duggie Dug Dug)

• “I’m Ready to Go” – Songs Jesus Said (Getty Music)

• “Our God is a Great Big God” – Kid’s Vineyard Worship: Great Big God (Vineyard UK)

• “I reach up high” – Kids Praise Party: We wanna be like Jesus (Spring Harvest)

• “You’re everywhere” – Great Big God 4 (Vineyard UK)

• “God, You’re good to me” – Kids Vineyard Worship: Great Big God (Vineyard UK)

• “Jesus number 1” – Super Saviour (Colin Buchanan)

• “Shine!” – Shine from the inside out (Powerpack Ministries)

• “I’m ready to go” – Songs that Jesus said (Keith and Kristyn Getty)

• “Never give up” – Jesus is my Superhero (Hillsong kids)

• “I’m following the king” – Meet the King (EMU Music)

• “Nothing’s too big, big, big” – Okey Dokey (Duggie Dug Dug)

• “May you find peace” – I wonder… why? (Fischy Music)

• “Here’s a little story” – Down to Earth (Fischy Music)

• “Down to Earth” – Down to Earth (Fischy Music)

• “God is love” – Unique (Nick and Becky Drake)

• “Fruit of the Spirit” – Crazy Praise Vol 2: Songs from the Lighter Side (Kid Jamz Studio Musicians)

• “The Lions Roar” – Pre-School Praise Vol 2 (Spring Harvest)

• “God loves you and you and you” – Little Angels: Real Worship for Pre-Schoolers (New Wine)