Rich Farmer / Poor Widow

Here’s a simple puppet script to open a discussion with children about tithing and the different attitudes there may be.

The Rich Farmer and the Poor Widow

What’s better, boys and girls: is it better to have loads of money, or to have very little money?

Most people would think it’s better to be rich, but we’re going to hear two stories today to help us think about that… The first story is a story that Jesus told, and the second story is something Jesus saw.

This is Jesus’ story:

Once upon a time, there was a farmer.

(Bring up farmer)

This farmer was a very rich farmer.

(Farmer nods)

In fact, he was so rich that when the time came for the crops to be harvested in from the fields, he had so much food that he didn’t know what to do with it!

(Farmer shakes his head)

But then the farmer had a brainwave!

(Farmer looks excited!)

Do you think his good idea was to throw a party for all his friends?

(Farmer shakes his head)

No. Do you think his good idea was to give the extra food away?

(Farmer shakes his head)

No. Do you think his good idea was to have a special service to give thanks to God?

(Farmer shakes his head)

No! The farmer’s idea was to knock down all his old barns because they were too small.

(Farmer echoes: Too small!)

And then the farmer built bigger barns to put all his food into.

(Farmer says, Hooray!)

The farmer thought it was better to be rich than to give thanks to God. He thought it was better to be rich than to be generous. But Jesus said that this is NOT how God wants us to live. God wants us to, especially at Harvest time, give thanks to God for His goodness to us, and to be generous to those around us.

(Take farmer away)

One day, Jesus and His friends were in the temple. They saw people come. They saw people go. Lots of people who came wanted to give money to the work of the temple – people still do that today in Church and in Sunday School.

Jesus and His friends watched as person after person came in and gave their money in to help the work of the temple (Have a collection box to one side)

(Bring up a puppet – walks along the top of the theatre and shouts something like, “Please use all this money to help people”)

(Bring up another puppet… “Please use this money to fix the temple roof”)

(Bring up another puppet… “Please use this to give to the poor”)

But then along came a lady who didn’t look as though she had much money. (Bring puppet up and puppet acts this out)

Slowly she walked to the collection box and dropped in two little pennies. Then she went away.

Maybe Jesus’ friend were wondering what Jesus would say – would He be cross that the lady didn’t have much money to give to God and to the temple?

But, no Jesus wasn’t cross! He said this, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave money it’s true, but they were very rich! But she is very poor and still she gave money.”

Two very different people – a rich farmer and a poor widow – using money in very different ways. What did Jesus think about that? Why?